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Apple Class

Apple Class (Reception) is taught by Mrs Marran, Mrs Woodward, Mrs Payne and Mrs Wood.


Apple Class went on their first ever school trip. We walked around the local area and looked for 2 dimensional shapes. We saw: circles, squares, rectangles, triangle, octagons, hexagons and shapes we couldn’t even name!

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We have had a really busy start to the year, we have been: building, painting, making, rolling, walking, talking, singing, eating, growing, counting, drawing, writing, playing and learning!

Giant Stick Insects

Recently, Apple Class were visited by two giant stick insects. We found out that they have six legs and that they eat leaves. To make sure we did not hurt them, we had to be very gentle. Some children held them and stroked them; their exoskeleton felt very hard and spiky.

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