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Larch Class - Year 6

Larch Class 2016-2017

Larch Class is taught by Mrs Dodd, assisted by Mrs Chandler.

Ancient Greek Week

As part or our Ancient Greeks topic we had a dressing up day. We started off the day with Greek Maths. We learned about the mathematician Pythagoras, who originally came from the Greek Island Samos. We learned about the maths that he discovered - What a clever man he was! Using the Pythagoras theory, we solved maths problems.

After break, we wrote myths with a difference. We used examples of the ancient Greek stories such as 'Arachne the Spinner', 'King Midas', 'Daedelus and Icarus' and 'Theseus and the Minotaur' - We changed the characters, some of the plots and updated them to situations in the present day.

We prepared and cooked Greek food (Moussaka, Greek salad with feta cheese, hummus, tzatsiki, olives and pitta bread). We all tried something new.

Finally, we designed and made our own Greek sandals. We had to join materials in different ways and had to make a quality end product. We self evaluated our designs and decided what improvments we would make if we had the chance to make them again.

Graffiti workshop and ramble

To finish off our Graffiti topic we had a wonderful art session at Zinc. After that, we went on a ramble cross country to Greensted Church and finished off at Love Lane Park. In all, we walked 10.50km that day.