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Willow Class


Willow class have recently been to Kingswood Activity Centre, West Runton, Norfolk.  They had a great time working together, problem solving and enjoying new challenging activities such as; Zip-Wire, Team Challenge, Indoor Climb and Rock Pooling.  

Willow Class


Willow Class is taught by Mrs Martin and Mrs Hammond.  Mrs Banks, Mrs Merrick and Mrs Hammant are the teaching assistants.

In Spring 1 we studied Pilates during our PE lessons.  We developed core strength and correct posture while learning key poses such as 'rock pose,' 'pencil point,' 'core position,' and 'mountain top.'  The children enjoyed creating a routine using canon and unison.

In Spring 1 we studied forces in our science lessons.  We had great fun creating a water resistance experiment to prove that the shape of an object affects its ability to travel through water.

During our first half term we have learnt the song, and recorder and glockenspiel to Don't Stop Believin' by Journey, using Charanga.  This ties in nicely with our growth mindset ethos.  Click the video to see some of the other exciting things we have been doing.


During the next half term we made progress with our glocenspiel music and learnt a two-part musical piece.  We were all able to have a glocenspiel thanks to the money we won by entering Magic Radio's 'School of Rock' competition.


During our PE lessons we learnt how to balance in pairs and threes.  It was important to give the correct support to our partner.